“More than 2 million children in South Asia die before their fifth birthday and these deaths are preventable. 38 per cent of all the region’s children have chronic malnutrition. And South Asia is one of the riskiest places in the world to fall pregnant or give birth, with the second highest number of maternal deaths worldwide. Far too many children get married, and far too many girls are never born. We have to work together and end this cycle of misery and poverty”

Karin Hulshof
Regional Director for UNICEF in South Asia



• Over 1 million neonatal deaths occur each year across the region
• More than 8 million children under one year of age are not immunized
• 46 % of girls marry before 18, and 18% marry before the age of 15
• South Asia is home to the largest number of stunted children in the world
• Nearly 700 million people still defecate in the open
• 100 million children under five are not registered at birth
• Afghanistan and Pakistan are two of the world’s three remaining polio-endemic countries


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