Improved children rights are urgently needed in South Asia

On 20 November 1989, the world agreed that rights of children needed to be protected. The resulting Convention on the Rights of the Child is ratified by a record 194 States. It is the world’s promise to children everywhere. The year 2014 marks 25 years since the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The message of Karin Hulshof, Regional Director for UNICEF South Asia

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South Asian Child Rights Group Calls for Robust Protection of Child Rights

The South Asia Coordination Group (SACG) on South Asia Initiative to End Violence against Children (SAIEVAC) calls on the Governing Board Members of and the SAARC Governments to fully implement its Five-Year Work Plan and give effect to its commitments, including its recent Kathmandu Call for Action to End Child Marriage in South Asia, with support and cooperation from all concerned entities of the governments, civil society and children and the international community.

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